Weekend Volunteering

Volunteer Task Force (VTF) recognises that many full time workers are eager to contribute to their community as volunteers but find it difficult as many volunteer opportunities coincide with Monday – Friday working office hours.

VTF offers Saturday gardening specifically for people who are unable to participate during the week. These opportunities are once a month unless demand increases the frequency. Individuals and groups are welcome to contact us to arrange weekend volunteering.

Saturday volunteering commences at 8 am and the volunteer morning finishes at approximately 1.30 pm. The group will usually complete three jobs during the morning.

Gardening clothing requirements are the same as weekday volunteers, that is, please wear closed-in shoes/trainers/boots, comfortable shorts or trousers that you are happy to get dirty and a top with long or short sleeves (no singlets). We recommend a hat and sunscreen.

To find out more about weekend volunteer gardening, please CONTACT US.