Centrelink and Job Agency Volunteering

At Volunteer Task Force (VTF) we support and appreciate all volunteers, with their variety of reasons for volunteering. VTF’s team of paid staff and volunteers are all aiming towards one goal.

Many of our volunteers are on mutual obligation agreements with Centrelink. This means that they offer their time for one or two days per week as agreed with their Centrelink contact. We welcome these volunteers and offer them the same processes and the same recognition and events as our other volunteers.

Job agencies will often source volunteer opportunities for their candidates. VTF works with job agencies to offer volunteer opportunities for keen candidates. VTF processes this group of volunteers the same as any others. Some Job/Employment Agencies will cover the cost of a candidate’s police clearance, if required.

If you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities as part of a Centrelink requirement or Job/Employment agency experience, please CONTACT US.