Our Volunteer Task Force (VTF) transport service delivers clients to:

  • General medical and specialist appointments
  • Shopping
  • Social appointments
  • The whole metro region including Mandurah.

We use:

  • Specially trained drivers in taxis from Perth’s three taxi companies
  • two of our own 8-seat vehicles with trained, paid drivers.

Our subsidised service keeps costs down by ‘batching’, that is, clients may share the vehicle with others travelling a similar route.

Transport bookings:

  • must be made at least two days before the journey
  • require up to a week’s notice when around the date of a public holiday
  • cannot be used as a same day or emergency service
  • to book, ring 9318 5777.

How much does it cost?

0 – 10 km   $5.00 each way
11 – 30 km    $8.00 each way    (most metro trips are within 30 km)
31 – 60 km $10 each way   (50 km maximum for social visits)
61 – 99 km    $15.00 each way    (for hospital or specialist appointments only)

Our VTF transport service is funded by Home And Community Care (HACC).

To find out about VTF transport service or about volunteering with us, CONTACT US.