Social Support


Volunteer Task Force (VTF) offers social support services that encourage social interaction, wellness, opportunities for better health and connections to the community. You must first be assessed by the Assessment and Linkage Service on 1300 785 415. If you are eligible you can access our services which include:


Outings are usually monthly and usually involve a meal and a place of interest. Clients participate in the wider community and socialise with others. Recent outings have included movies; E Shed Markets in Fremantle; Old Bakery Gallery in Maylands, Drovers Kitchen and Garden Centre. We keep expenses as low as possible because  clients cover the cost of the outing.

VTF Outings July-August 2017

VTF Outings September-October 2017

VTF Outings November-December 2017

Transport can be arranged for eligible clients to and from the venue.


STEPS – Sharing Together and Encouraging Participation is a Program run for five terms during the year in seven locations: Balga, Forrestfield, Brentwood, Padbury, Rivervale and Safety Bay.

The aim of the STEPS Program is to provide a supportive environment for people where they can actively participate and discover ways to enhance their physical, mental or emotional health. At the conclusion of the activity there is an opportunity for people to socialise, which enables them to support and encourage each other in the program. Wellbeing in some cases has improved and these positive stories have been shared with other people, including family and friends.



Shopping is a one-on-one service when one volunteer takes one person shopping once a fortnight. This usually means taking the person to the nearest supermarket, helping them to shop, taking them home and putting the shopping away, if needed. Volunteers often stay for a cup of tea.

This 2-hour service supports a person in getting out into the community. People are encouraged to do as much as they are can and volunteers offer support in areas where the person is unable.

For example, a person may write their list and fill their trolley; they may just need help in loading and unloading the car. The degree of help required is discussed beforehand, very much in keeping with the Wellness approach.

Home Visits

For those rare people who find it difficult to leave the house, volunteers will visit them at home. Volunteers take time to chat, read to the client or play a game. This once-a-fortnight service lasts for up to two hours.

Are you eligible?

VTF services are available to people with an ongoing medical condition or a disability who are on a pension and living in their own home. If you would like to receive a VTF service you will need to be assessed for eligibility.

For more information on Assessment, click here.

What does it cost?

Cost estimates are available from our head office on 9318 5700 or email us.

To find out about VTF services or volunteering, CONTACT US.