Our Volunteer Task Force (VTF) gardening service aims to keep gardens and yards safe and manageable. This service assists people to remain independent.

Volunteer Task Force gardening staff and volunteers can help  with the following:

  • prune small trees and remove the created green waste
  • small amounts of hand weeding or weed spraying
  • raking and whipper snipping
  • cutting back bigger bushes and trees from ground level (not over 5 m)
  • general yard tidy-up
  • lawn mowing
  • Water Wise garden makeovers

Our gardening teams visit once every two or three months. Some areas have a waiting time.

Are you eligible?

VTF services are available to people with an ongoing medical condition or a disability who are on a pension and living in their own home. If you would like to receive a VTF service you will need to be assessed for eligibility.

For more information on our Eligibility Assessment, click here.

VTF does not cover the cost of garden supplies, such as mulch, as agreed before the job begins. There is also a cost for the service which will be discussed with you on assessment.

To find out about VTF gardening services or about volunteering with VTF, CONTACT US.