Domestic Assistance


The home cleaning service of Volunteer Task Force (VTF) helps people to live independently. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Vacuuming
  • Floor cleaning
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

VTF’s services are based on the Wellness model. We encourage people to keep up the jobs at home that they are still able to do and maintain their independence.

Volunteer Task Force employs support workers to take care of those household jobs that are too much for people. Outsourced agency staff may be used when VTF staff are unavailable.

Are you eligible?

VTF services are available to people with an ongoing medical condition or a disability who are on a pension and living in their own home. If you would like to receive a VTF service you will need to be assessed for eligibility.

For more information on Assessment, click here.

To find out about VTF domestic assistance services or about volunteering with VTF, CONTACT US.