Breaking News – 7th November 2016

Volunteer Task Force is set to join Perth-based providers Care Options and Community First to merge and create a bigger, stronger WA-based organisation which will offer a range of improved community services, from mental health support to home care and disability services.

In the coming months Volunteer Task Force, Care Options and Community First will merge to form a single support services organisation, which will focus on becoming the future ‘new face’ of community services in WA.

A new name for the combined organisation has yet to be announced.

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Welcome to
Volunteer Task Force

Volunteer Task Force (VTF) has been serving the community since 1970. Our mission is to deliver services that support independence, enhance safety and amenity of people, and to build community through volunteering.

Our services are aimed at supporting those who have difficulty with everyday tasks due to frailty or disability. We take an enablement approach with a focus on providing services “with” a person and not “for” or “to” a person.

We  work in partnership with people and their carers to increase independence and physical and social wellbeing.

We now have an Outdoor Maintenance service for clients with smaller courtyard style gardens. Find out more about VTF’s Outdoor Maintenance service.

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One of our volunteers tells his story in this Alzheimer’s Australia film, The Unspoken Impact of Dementia,
which aims to reduce the stigma that people with dementia often experience.